Having product readily available is critical to supporting customer operations.  In the United States, our EPA registered products like glutaraldehyde are stocked near all the major oil and gas plays, close to where it is needed most.  We listen to our customers and develop an inventory plan that is acceptable to all parties.


Products are packaged per customer requirements.  Our liquid packaging is 5ga pails, 55ga drums, 265ga IBCs, 330ga IBCs, and bulk.  Glutaraldehyde is typically packaged in IBCs or bulk.  We also supply Isotanks to field locations when required.


In the United States, stocked product is delivered same day or next with advance notification.  We deliver to any location as per customer instructions and do our utmost to meet all scheduled delivery times.  For international locations, product is shipped by container to the port of destination.

EPA Registration

Our biocides are all EPA registered.  Glutaraldehyde used in oilfield or other industrial applications must be EPA registered.  We have obtained these registrations to make it easier for our customers to do business legally in the United Sates.